Objective: To upgrade the qualification and skills of your specialists. To acquaint translators, petroleum managers and engineers with English-Russian terminology and procedures related to the oil and gas industry. 


The course structure enables you to take full advantage of the Parallel Learning technique where participants familiarize themselves with carefully selected English technical terms and at the same time gradually learn Russian terms interspersed into the text.

Courses are held in mini-groups at a convenient time and place of your choosing.

Our educators are Geo-Environmental leading specialists with many years of experience working in Russia and the United States. They are professors, translators and specialists with extensive experience working in the oil and gas industry.

You may register for the complete course (72 hours) or pick one or several separate modules. If you don’t know which module to pick, our consultants will be happy to assist you.


Full course (72 hours): “Introduction to technological processes and English-Russian terminology of oil and gas industry”.


The aims of the course – Improving the competence of translation professionals in oil and gas industry.
Introduction of oil and gas professionals to English and Russian terminology used in the field.
Some key features of the course that will interest you:

 - We hold interactive sessions with leading specialists and translators in oil & gas industry and use the source materials provided by the largest consulting agencies in the world.
 - Modular structure
 - Small group sessions (8 people at most) scheduled to suit your agenda.
 - Our teachers will visit your site in case you have course takers located outside of the capital.
 - All students registered for the full course receive a free course manual “Introduction to technological processes and English-Russian terminology of oil and gas industry”.

Our teacher
Boris Aronstein — the President of TechInput group of companies, Senior partner in «Neftegazconsult», company, Professor of Higher School of Economics and Invited professor of Moscow State Lomonosov University. Boris Aronstein is a graduate of Ñornell University (USA) post-doctoral program in ecological chemistry. His expertise in oil & gas deposit audits, acquired during his stint with Miller and Lents, Ltd., the largest international consulting company, is second to none.

Companies whose employees studied with us:
Rosneft, Petromarket, ExxonMobil Russia, FMC Technologies, NAEN, Gazprom Neftehim Salavat, BKE Shelf.