We offer interpretation and written translation services for the global oil and gas industry. Our clients include large multinational companies involved in exploration, production, refining, marketing and petrochemicals as well as those companies providing logistics and services for the industry. They choose us because they know we offer the highest quality translation and fastest turnaround.

About Us

Our structure and activities

The TechInput group of companies has managed a wide variety of large-scale international translation projects in technical fields as well as testing, complex analysis of pipelines, methods of production yield increase, and management of the full cycle of exploration and development of oil and gas deposits, including legal and environmental aspects.

Quality management system

Today’s highly competitive business climate means that ISO 9001 quality certification is more important than ever as companies seek to solidify their position in the Russian and international markets.


The world is borderless. Any business that can take advantage of fast translation of technical documents from one language into another is destined to have an edge on its competitors. TechInput employees are high-level professionals.They will work in concert with your specialists and provide you with technical translations that meet the high and strict standards required by international projects.


We offer a unique educational opportunity – a course for both oil and gas specialists and translators titled “Introduction to Technological Processes and English-RussianTerminology for the Oil and Gas Industry”. The course is aimed at improving the competence of translation professionals and introducing oil and gas professionals to English and Russian terminology used in the field.


We also publish reference books to further educate translators and oil and gas specialists.

Our Partners

Miller and Lents, Ltd

НИУ «Высшая школа экономики»
Higher School of Economics,
National Research University, Russia



Государственной комиссией по запасам полезных ископаемых
State Commission on Mineral Reserves