Boris Aronstein

 President of the TechInput group

Managing Partner of Neftegazkonsult (joint venture with Miller and Lents, Ltd., an international auditor of oil and gas reserves)
Professor at the Department of Energy and Mineral Markets, Higher School of Economics National Research University.
PhD in Biological Sciences─Agricultural Chemistry (Moscow, 1988)
Postdoctoral Research in Environmental Chemistry (Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA, 1989−1992)

Positions in scientific research and industrial companies in Russia and the United States:
Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia); Institute for Conservation of Nature and Natural Reserves (Moscow, Russia),; Cornell University (Ithaca, NY, USA); Institute of Gas Technology (Chicago, IL, USA); ExxonMobil (Houston, TX. USA); Unocal (Houston, TX, USA); and Miller and Lents, Ltd. (Houston, TX, USA)

Over 30 articles published in international journals (Environmental Science and Technology, Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, Applied Microbiology Biotechnology, Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology, and Journal of Industrial Microbiology)

Teaching at leading universities in Russia and the United States:
Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia), Higher School of Economics, National Research University (Moscow, Russia), Warren National University (Cheyenne, WY, USA).

Courses given:
Audit of Oil and Gas Reserves, Exploration Risk Assessment, Assessment of Fair Market Value (FMA) of Oil and Gas Facilities, Environmental Risk Assessment and Environmental Insurance, Engineering Ecology, and Environmental Protection and Oil and Gas Law.

Long-term translation activities
Working as the vice president (responsible for translating documentation for biomedical experiments) a major translation company offering services for the Mir−Shuttle and NASA International Space Station projects.
Translations for the largest oil and gas projects, such as the construction of the transnational gas pipeline in Central Asia and the Sakhalin-1 oil and gas field development project.
Taking part in writing and publishing teaching materails, as well as launching and instructing training programs for translators specializing in oil and gas industry.

Membership in the American Translators Association