Quality Standards for Translation Services

The substantial expansion of the translation market in the vast majority of countries has led to the creation of quality standards in this field, defining the basic rights and responsibilities of translation companies and consumers of their products. From the very outset, quality standards for translation were developed in conjunction with industrial quality standards (GOSTs in the USSR and Russia, as well as ISO 9000).

However, with the growing need for better quality in the field of translation itself a dedicated set of translation quality standards has been developed. The most widespread of these include Italy’s UNI 10574 standard, Germany’s DIN 2345 standard, Austria’s Önorm D 1200 and Önorm D 1201 standards, and the European EN 15038 standard.

bulet GOST R ISO 9001 – a Russian standard
bulet Quality standards for translation services
bulet DIN 2345 – a German standard
bulet ASTM F2575-06 – an American standard of translation service quality
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