We publish books related to the oil and gas industry. The books published by TechInput are useful and informative reference tools for translator/interpreters and petroleum managers. The following books are presently available.


•  Environmental Effects of Oil Production. 680 rub.
Author: Solntseva N.P. Publisher: OOO RPA «APR», Moscow, 2009.
The monograph presents the methodology and the results of many years’ worth of geochemical research into an important global problem – how oil production affects the environment.

•  Oil & Gas Industry: the principal processes and English-Russian terminology. 1100 rub.
Author: Belousov V.S. Publisher: TechInput, LLC, Moscow, 2006.
This publication is another issue in a series of student aids and manuals that cover processes and terminology of the oil & gas industry. The first issue in that series was «Oil & Gas Industry» manual published in 2004. The book goes into detail on the basics of oil & gas technology, from prospecting to making car fuel and other refined oil products, discussing the equipment used for various operations.

• Oil & Gas Industry. English and Russian Acronyms. 450 rub.
Author: Belousov V.S. Publisher: TechInput, LLC, Moscow, 2005.
ISBN: 5-902731-05-4
This dictionary of English and Russian acronyms is the result of many years that the author spent working on oil & gas fields and in the offices of oil extraction and oil processing companies in Russia and abroad.

• English-Russian and Russian-English Phrase Book. 290 rub.
Author: Belousov V.S. Publisher: TechInput, LLC, Moscow, 2005.
ISBN: 5-902731-01-1

A meeting with representatives of foreign oil & gas companies scheduled soon? This pocket English-Russian and Russian-English Phrase Book on oil & gas industry will help you communicate with your colleagues efficiently.

• Fragmentary Observations relative to the Positive Powers of Medicines on the healthy Human Body (original Latin title “Fragmenta de viribus medicamentorum: positivis sive in sano corpore humano observatis”). 542 rub.
Author: Samuel Hahnemann. Publisher: Lyubov Lurie, Moscow, 2012.
ISBN: 978-586731-032-5
“Samuel Hahnemann is certainly a major figure for believers in homeopathy – he is the founder of this movement in medicine. For Latin scholars worldwide Hahnemann is also an important figure – he is a classic writer of medical Latin literature of the 19th century and one of the most influential writers of the period, his importance is clearly seen in how popular his books still are today”, - Aleksei Solopov, Dr. Phil. Habil., Chair of Department of Classical Philology, Faculty of Philology, Moscow State Lomonosov University

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