The Techinput Group of Companies is celebrating its 15th anniversary. Much has been done, and much more is still to be done. Thanks to all our customers, partners and colleagues for staying with us!


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About us

TechInput, LLC has been an active player in the markets for Russian translation, education and consulting services since 2002. We specialize in serving the oil and gas industry. Incorporated in Houston, Texas, in 1999, the company is now headquartered in New York, with offices in Moscow.

We employ professional linguists, engineers and developers, geophysicists and geologists all of them native speakers of Russian and/or English. We offer both interpretation and written translation.


We are proud of our reputation for providing the highest level of quality in translating texts of any level of difficulty and length for the oil and gas industry while meeting the tightest deadlines.

TechInput actively supports the adoption of global standards for translation projects. In fact, we were the first Russian translation company to be internationally certified under the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2008 and IQNet quality standards.

We also plan to participate in ISO Technical Committee 37, which covers terminology and other language and content resources concerning multilingual communication and cultural diversity.

TechInput is your primary information source for trends and the importance of quality standards in the Russian and international translation markets. To learn more about these markets and how to make budget-focused wise choices in ordering the highest-quality translation services for your business needs, please read the following articles on our ISO page.


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