TechInput Inc. is internationally certified under ISO 9001:2000, ISO 9001:2008 and IQNet quality standards. We are the first Russian translation company certified both for interpretation and written translation.

Interpretation and written translation

The present world is borderless, and every business that can take advantage of fast translation of technical documents from one language into another is destined to have an edge. Our employees are high-level professionals; they will work in concert with your specialists and provide you with technical translations that meet the highest and strictest standards required by international projects.

We work 24/7.

Large texts done fast. We mean really fast.

bulet We control the quality at all production stages, from the first contact with you, the client, up to the client feedback for completed projects;
bulet We give translation jobs to both in-office and out-of-office translators; all translations are QAed/QCed by in-office full-time editors and revisers;
bulet We create specialized glossaries for each client;
bulet We employ unified terminology by using Translation Memory Tools;
bulet We deliver a complete product – a terminologically correct translation revised by native speakers of the target language;
bulet We employ more than 150 freelance translators who reside in USA, Canada, UK, Israel and countries of former USSR;
bulet We regularly assess all our translators that are employed in both written and interpretation projects;
bulet We practice an individual approach to each client and provide each client with a personal account manager;
bulet In case of large projects, we provide the clients with a dedicated team: dedicated account manager and a dedicated group of revisers and translators.

Our forte is oil and gas translations

In addition to that, we’ve taken part in translation projects in the following fields during the decade we had existed:

bulet Chemical industry
bulet Energy
bulet Mechanical engineering, development of industrial machinery
bulet Transport
bulet Finance and law
bulet PR and advertising
bulet Aerospace industry
bulet Semiconductor industry
bulet Industry and household electronics
bulet Computer equipment and software
bulet Databases and communication equipment
bulet Biomedical and pharmaceutical industry
bulet Agricultural processing industry
bulet  Communication industry
bulet   Biomedical and pharmaceutical industry
bulet   Agricultural industry


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  • Cameron Russia, Ltd.
  • Schlumberger
  • ConocoPhilips Russia, Inc.
  • Elvary Neftegaz
  • FMC Technologies, Inc.
  • General Electric
  • GKZ
  • Haliburton
  • JTI Marketig & Sales
  • Lukoil  Overseas
  • Merck
  • NSE, LLC.
  • Nippon Steel Trading Co., Ltd.,Moscow Representative Office
  • NVision Group
  • PETROLEUM GEO-SERVICES ASA, Moscow Representative Office
  • RusGazEngineering Group
  • SeverEnergiya
  • Saint Gobain