Client feedback

  • ExxonMobil International, Limited

    Your interpreters are distinguished by both high professional skills and thorough professional ethics. Their work has been highly valued by the organizers of the meeting in Novosibirsk, including Academician Member Kontorovich.

    Mike Brown
    Russia Regional & Database Supervisor
  • FMC Technologies Subsea AS

    The scope of the translations completed by TechInput for FMC Konsberg Subsea covers a wide range of topics starting from legal texts, geography, geology, soil data to general arrangements and specifications of various subsea oil producing and transportation equipment, topside equipment, materials, electrical and control systems, instruments, systems analysis and testing, and environmental protection.
    TechInput's translators/interpreters are characterized by high professional skills and professional ethics, and the office translation managers are very cooperative.

    Inessa Maslova
    Russian Integration Manager – Kirinskoe SPS Project
  • PennWell

    PennWell collaborated with TechInput on Sakhalin-1 Book project and was greatly impressed by TechInput's record-short turnarounds, high-quality, precise and consistenmt translations, cutting-edge comuunications capabilities, reliability, and failure-free performance.

    Roy Markum
    Vice President
    (All Union Research Institute for construction and operation of pipelines, enterprises of fuel and energy sector)

    On our request the Techinput Company translated special technical requirements on large diameter pipes of trunk crude oil pipelines for the program for scheduled and routine maintenance and rehabilitation for the Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean Crude Oil Pipeline. Despite the large volume of documents and an extremely tight deadline, TechInput managed to complete the project in time and at exceptional level of quality.

    Elena Mitarkina
    Advertising and Information Center VNIIST
  • ChTPZ-KTS Complex Piping Systems

    A very important quality criterion for any translation company is the ability to deliver high quality translation in the shortest possible time. TechInput Inc. has this exact ability because it uses an innovative management system, gives its translation jobs to high-level professionals who are experts in both linguistic and technical spheres… There are many other positives in working with TechInput, but I would specifically like to point out their constant efforts to always satisfy the customer’s requirements in their entirety; they cut no corners to achieve this.

    Yury Anoufriyev, CEO
  • CAMERON Valves & Measurement

    “Cameron” would recommend TechInput as one of the most reliable and highly professional companies on the whole market of translation services. It is able to successfully carry out any, even the most difficult tasks in technical translation.
    Representative Office in Moscow
    • Bechtel International Systems, Inc.
    There are many translation companies, but TechInput clearly stands out because of the following:
    - it employs responsible and caring account managers
    - its organization is excellent
    - it is always flexible and tries to satisfy the client in any way possible
    - it delivers translations of highest quality
    - it employs highly professional translators

    Alexander Superfin, Head of the representative office
  • Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS)

    We would like to stress the very highest quality of your translations, and also the excellent keeping of deadlines for delivery of competed projects on your part.

    A.A. Dementiyev, Head of the representative office
  • To the CEO of OOO TechInput

    I would like to offer my sincere thanks to you and your employees at TechInput Inc. You have been providing translations of various documents, including difficult technical and legal ones, into various foreign languages, and your quality level has been outstanding. We are a multi-vendor company, and our business depends on partnerships with more than 200 foreign companies that develop communication equipment and software, so clarity and quality of document translation is crucial to our success. I would like to stress the very highest quality of translations provided by TechInput Inc., and also the excellent keeping of deadlines. Managers of your company are always flexible, attentive, fast and have excellent command of foreign languages.

    V.A.Rostokin, Envision Group, CEO
  • ZAO JTI Marketing and Sales A member of the JTI Group of Companies

    TechInput is our partner of many years, and is an excellent match for all our requirements. We have no hesitation to rely on TechInput, as it delivers the best results for the most complex and business-sensitive jobs.

    Anastasiya Bormotova, Internal communication manager
  • Coffee&Tea International and Coffee&Tea Russia

    The editing team of Coffee&Tea International and Coffee&Tea Russia works with TechInput regularly and for many years. We had ample time and many opportunities to test the quality of TechInput output, and we would like to certify that it is the best company to order translations of any texts related to tea and coffee from foreign languages and into foreign languages. This subject area is quite difficult, but TechInput tackles it excellently.

    Svetlana Belikova, Deputy Editor-in-Chief
  • Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Siberian Branch

    The vast experience and high professional qualifications of your translators helped our delegation at an international conference in UK and ensured our successful participation in it.

    Sergey Bakhturov, Research Secretary
  • The World Bank

    Thanks. You are the MOST reliable partners ever.

    Maya Belysheva